GESAR INC offers specialized engineering and programming services for our clients to assist in integrating automated solutions to increase productivity and eliminate waste.

We assist our clients in solving their production problems by by designing, building, testing and installing complete or partial automated manufacturing lines and systems.

GESAR INC. provides automated solutions for applications involving machine tending and packaging/palletizing.
Machine tending and packaging/palletizing can be long , repetitive and draining for the human operator.

GESAR provides the exact automated solution for these applications with white glove delivery, on-site training , co-piloting your first run or production and providing remote support.

GESAR INC. is a verified systems integrator of the Eva Robot from Automata.

Contact GESAR INC. today to analyze your machine tending and packaging/palletizing needs and provide a plan with a detailed proposal showing which solution is best for your application and complete the installation.