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Manufacturing Engineering Consultant Services

Reduce waste, improve quality , maximize profits and resources. Receive a custom manufacturing engineering plan tailored to your business that can be implemented and sustained by employees or keep GESAR on board as a consultant for any manufacturing engineering needs. Get the full services of a manufacturing engineer at a good contract rate done remotely. Guaranteed satisfaction with years of experience. Reduce  waste like over processing, overproduction, variance, determine if a process/equipment is capable etc. Problems are solved using lean manufacturing and six sigma methodologies by -

Developing, evaluating, and improving manufacturing methods ,Analyzing and planning work force utilization, space requirements, and workflow ,Designing layout of equipment and workspace for maximum efficiency ,Conferring with planning and design staff to ensure efficient production methods ,Communicating with vendors to determine product specifications and arrange for purchase of equipment, materials, or parts, and evaluating products according to specifications and quality standards ,Estimating production times, staffing requirements, and related costs to provide information for management decisions ,Corresponding with management and other staff regarding manufacturing capabilities, production schedules, and other considerations to facilitate production processes ,Applying statistical methods to estimate future manufacturing requirements and potential problems ,Cell design ,Automation recommendations and custom robots from us etc.

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