Custom Robotics Engineering and Consultancy

Custom Robotics Engineering
GESAR Inc, offers robot consultancy services for custom robotics engineering using ROS 2. ROS 2 (Robot Operating System 2) is a new version of popular robotics middleware. It is a set of open source software components, libraries and tools helping robot developers build robot applications with less effort. ROS 2 has a messaging system, simulators, visualizers and common software components needed in robot development. Speed up your robot software development .

With ROS 2 you can develop state-of-the-art robotic applications without starting from scratch. ROS 2 provides essential tools  needed for building  modular robotic software. ROS provides a messaging system between robot nodes (like sensors, actuators and control modules) and most commonly used algorithms in navigation, localization and object detection. Email for inquiries to start receiving services tailored to your company's needs!


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